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New Project 
Development Process

ADDHEAT INSIDE is what we do.  MEC ADDHEAT helps our customer to identify the optimal strategy to implement wearable heat.  It starts with the thought of bringing our clothing line to the next level.  The process already began as you are reading this page to see what can “wearable heat” elevate your business.  


Step 1: Introductory Call 

Let’s set up a consultation session  (SKYPE, ZOOM, WECHAT or FACETIME, your choice) with one of our Technical Sales Team Member to help narrow down performance goals to find the best way to move forward.  

  1. Introduction about ADDHEAT factory and capability

  2. Learn more about your company and project goal

  3. Discuss garment factory of your choice and supply chain options 

  4. Go over initial questions that you may have


Step 2: Identify The Heating System

In most cases, ADDHEAT team member can help Product Designer/Manager find suitable pre-engineered heating module from our extensive catalogue.  Most heating module include the following elements:

  1. Heating Area –  Choose from 1to 6 heating panels to a garment based on type of garment applied and application.

  2. Battery Selection – from standard 5V USB battery to customed 7V and 12V battery.  When selecting power source, it is important to consider the power draw, duration, charging as well as the acceptable size of batty itself to find the optimal combination.

  3. Controller – Available to choose from LED lit button and/or Bluetooth APP options with multiple settings 


Once we’ve done our assessment, we will follow up with our quotation and detail specs.


Step 3: Submit Quotation

A Sales Support Manager will be assigned to you as your main contact window.  We will provide Product Specification and FOB cost based on quantity, terms, and the typical lead time for sampling and production.  


Step 4: Prototyping 

Brands may order testing sample(s) based on the Proposal to install onto the garment.  Our Sales Team will coordinate with your garment factory (prototype team) to create functional sample for testing.   Our team may review your tech pack and /or paper pattern to validate design is suitable and sizing.  

Step 5: Garment Factory Training 

We recommend for your garment factory to send their Production Manager to our factory for hands on training. This training session will cover proper installing training of the heating module.  In addition, the session will also go over the proper set up of Inspection Station after the heating module was installed onto the garment.

If the garment factory is located outside of China, Video and training document may be available upon request.  We recommend to send the initial prototype installed by your garment factory to our lab for validation.

Step 6: Order Confirmation & Mass Production

Verify with ADDHEAT Sales Associate prior final order for  mass production lead time.  The factory will start production once order is confirmed and deposit received.  



Our goal as a company is to streamline development process of your heated clothing project.  Let us help you to ADDHEAT INSIDE today.

Schedule your call below


Introductory call to learn more about ADDHEAT


Identify the right heating system for your project


Submit quotation for review




Garment factory installation training


Order confirmation & mass production

E-MAIL SENT​ Thank you for contacting ADDHEAT. Our Rep will get back to you within 3 business days regarding your wearable heating technology need.   ​   ADDHEAT is the world's largest maker of wearable heating systems for clothing offering OEM, ODM solutions.​​ Team ADDHEAT​​

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