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The leading manufacturer of

     wearable heating technology


All key components build under one roof.  ADDHEAT is the largest wearable heat system maker worldwide.

SINCE 2003

Based in Taiwan, with a manufacturing hub in China, and development hub in California, MEC ADDHEAT CO., LTD. is the world's largest maker of wearable heating systems.  

For almost two decades, we are the pioneer in several heating technology breakthroughs, MEC ADDHEAT is trusted by many of the world’s most reputable brands as their wearable heating technology partner.  From connectors, batteries to the heating elements, we keep all manufacturing processes under one roof to ensure quality and reliability of every single item.

ADDHEAT provide pre-engineered heating module so brand customers may choose their own garment factory to optimize supply chain.


Build to last with industry's most strenuous quality assurance standard.

Machine Washable

Critical enforcement points and proprietary designs ensure the heating system can withstand years of enjoyment. 


Existing garment factory can install pre=engineered modules without additional machinery enable flexible supply chain management.

MEC Addheat is the world's largest and most established heating system providers for over 18 years.


Today's apparel designer can go beyond just picking the latest fabric, insulation or color trends for their next collection.  Heating system that can be easily integrated & installed by the factories that you are already working with. This method speeds up the product development cycle and allows you to seamlessly launch your next winter collection.  

Transform your apparel line from "PASSIVELY KEEPING WARM" into "ACTIVELY GENERATING WARMTH."


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Schedule your consultation by Skype or Zoom with our team member or drop us an email to see how to ADD HEAT inside to your next winter collection.


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