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The leading manufacturer of wearable heating technology


Welcome to MEC ADDHEAT CO., LTD., the world's largest maker of low voltage heating systems.  For over 20 years, we have been pioneering cutting-edge heating technology breakthroughs.  From connectors to batteries and heating elements, we keep all manufacturing processes under one roof, ensuring the quality and reliability of every single item.  


Elevate your winter collection with our pre-engineered heating modules, installed seamlessly in your existing apparel supply chain.


Join the millions of happy customers who trust MEC ADDHEAT CO., LTD. for their wearable heating needs. 

Available Heating Technologies

ADDHEAT provide pre-engineered heating module so brand customers may choose their own garment factory to optimize supply chain.

Transform your apparel line from "PASSIVELY KEEPING WARM" into "ACTIVELY GENERATING WARMTH."

wearable lithium battery heated jacket with addheat model controller chest.jpg


Machine Washable 

With reliable heat output that persists even after 50 washes.


Durable Construction

Proprietary designs & in-house production to ensure the reliability.


Easy Integration

Pre-engineered modules can be installed by garment factory of your choice allows flexible supply chain.


Reliable Partner

World's largest and pioneers in wearable heat system provider for over 2 decades

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