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Replacement Parts

As a leader in wearable heating technology, ADDHEAT partners with apparel brands worldwide to bring innovative solutions to the market.


While we do not sell replacement parts directly to consumers, but we have identified trusted partners that offer compatible batteries for our products. Check out the list below and you may find compatible new battery and accessories that may work for your heated apparel with ADDHEAT technology inside.



Availability of battery and charger may vary.  Historical battery models may no longer be supported.  Some model number may be different from brand to brand.  Email us below if you are not sure which battery to order.  Contact their support if you do not see the battery needed to see if compatible or replacement model is offered.  

Venture Heat and Nordic Heat does not provide warranty or service to products outside of their respected brands. Contact the garment's brand for warranty, exchange and all other customer service needs.  Trademark and rights of the brand Venture Heat and Nordic Heat belongs to each respected company.

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