With over 400 employees*,  MEC ADDHEAT CO., LTD. is one of the most established and largest heated clothing & system manufacturers in the world today (based on production volume).  Our modern manufacturing facility features the latest production line equipment and just-in-time management systems to meet our client's demands. 

Our Production Capacity*

Maximum Production Output                       Daily            Monthly


Heating Element (Pcs.)                              15,000+       ~450,000

12V Heating Jacket /Vest Module                5,000+       ~100,000

Battery jacket Heating System (Sets)         3,000+        ~75,000

Heated Gloves Heating System (Pair)        2,000+        ~50,000

Digital Temperature Controller (Unit)          5,000+        ~125,000

Lithium Battery (Pcs._                                3,000+         ~75,000


*Based on full capacity estimate, current output based on seasonal demand.

ADDHEAT heating system production
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The leading manufacturer of wearable heating technology.
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